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Angular Form Validation With Reactive and Template-Driven Forms

In this tutorial, we'll explore reactive and template driven-forms in Angular. You'll see how to create each kind and how to perform validation in Angular 6.

Reactive and Template-Driven Forms

What Are Angular Reactive Forms?

Reactive forms are also known as model-driven forms. This means that the HTML content changes depending on the code in the component.


Want to Master the WordPress Loop? Try Our New Course

The Loop is at the core of WordPress's post rendering engine. If you want to customize the way posts are displayed in your WordPress theme, you'll need to come to terms with The Loop.


How to Use MongoDB Stitch in Android Apps

With MongoDB Atlas, all it takes is a few clicks in the browser to get your own MongoDB cluster up and running in the cloud. By using it, you can build Android and iOS apps that can serve millions of users efficiently. However, you'd still need a back-end server that can act as an intermediary between your users' devices and your cluster. You'd need it to enforce security policies, add a level of abstraction to your CRUD operations, schedule jobs, and for a lot of other such important tasks.


Create a Note-Taking App for Android With MongoDB Stitch

If you are looking for a secure serverless platform that's both feature rich and cost effective, you may want to give MongoDB Stitch a try. In addition to offering handy server-side features such as functions, service webhooks, and user authentication, it comes tightly integrated with MongoDB Atlas, a powerful and mature cloud-based data storage solution.


Dramatically Speed Up Your React Front-End App Using Lazy Loading

A constant challenge faced by front-end developers is the performance of our applications. How can we deliver a robust and full-featured application to our users without forcing them to wait an eternity for the page to load? The techniques used to speed up a website are so numerous that it can often be confusing to decide where to focus our energy when optimising for performance and speed.


Design Better UX With Vue.js Transitions and Animations

Transitions and animations are an important design pattern whose aim is to improve the user experience (UX) by making the user interface (UI) more natural and intuitive. 

Most people think that the purpose of transitions and animations is to engage the user's attention, and this is true to some extent. In certain contexts, such as game websites, where attractiveness and entertainment take precedent, it is justified. However, in most websites, engagement should be the secondary role, while the main role of any transitions or animations should be for communication.


Write to Files and Read Files With PHP

In this tutorial, you'll learn several important functions in PHP which are sufficient for all your basic file reading and writing needs. You'll learn how to read a file, write to a file, write to a text file, and check if a file exists.

Luckily, PHP provides a lot of functions to read and write data to files. In this tutorial, I'll show you the easiest ways to read data from a local or remote file and how to use flags to write to files exactly how we want.


Connect to an API With Retrofit, RxJava 2, and Kotlin

Today, it’s pretty common for mobile apps to exchange data with remote servers, using web Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).


What’s New in Swift 4.2?

The second update release to Swift of 2018, Swift 4.2 introduces some great improvements to the language. Read this post to learn how they can help you write even better code.

Included in this version’s list of improvements:


11 Best Courses to Learn to Create a WordPress Theme or Plugin

Do you want to take your WordPress skills to the next level and learn to create your own themes and plugins? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled 11 of the best WordPress coding courses on Envato Tuts+ to help you do just that. Take a look and be inspired.