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How to Use the Symfony Filesystem Component

In this article, we're going to explore the Symfony Filesystem component, which provides useful methods to interact with a file system. After installation and configuration, we'll create a few real-world examples of how to use it.


Code Your First API With Node.js and Express: Connect a Database

Build a REST API With Node.js and Express: Connecting a Database


Google Flutter From Scratch: Animating Widgets

Animations, when used correctly, can make a huge difference in how users perceive your app. An app with lots of quick, subtle animations tends to look a lot more polished and professional than one without. On Google Play, an overcrowded marketplace, that can mean the difference between success and failure.


Get Started With Node.js Express in Our New Course

Express is one of the most popular frameworks for building web applications in Node. In our new course, Get Started With Node.js Express, you’re going to learn Express from the ground up. If you haven’t had a chance to look into Express before, now’s your chance!


A Beginner's Guide to Drawing 2D Graphics With Two.js

Two.js an API that makes it easy to create 2D shapes with code. Follow along and you'll learn how to create and animate shapes from JavaScript.

Two.js is renderer agnostic, so you can rely on the same API to draw with Canvas, SVG, or WebGL. The library has a lot of methods which can be used to control how different shapes appear on the screen or how they are animated.


Code Your First API With Node.js and Express: Set Up the Server

How to Set Up an Express API Server in Node.js

In the previous tutorial, we learned what the REST architecture is, the six guiding constraints of REST, how to understand HTTP request methods and their response codes, and the anatomy of a RESTful API endpoint.


Get Started With Pusher: Using Presence Channels

In this series, we've been learning about Channels from Pusher, a platform that allows you to give your users the seamless real-time experience they want.


How Secure Are Your JavaScript Open-Source Dependencies?

Modern-day JavaScript developers love npm. GitHub and the npm registry are a developer’s first choice place for finding a particular package. Open-source modules add to the productivity and efficiency by providing developers with a host of functionalities that you can reuse in your project. It is fair to say that if it were not for these open-source packages, most of the frameworks today would not exist in their current form.


Code Your First API With Node.js and Express: Understanding REST APIs

Understanding REST and RESTful APIs

If you've spent any amount of time with modern web development, you will have come across terms like REST and API. If you've heard of these terms or work with APIs but don't have a complete understanding of how they work or how to build your own API, this series is for you.


New Course: Secure Your WordPress Site With SSL

These days, it's more important than ever for your WordPress site to use a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which encrypts the data between the client and the server. Browsers now mark sites as "secure" or "not secure", and using SSL can boost your search engine rankings. Plus, of course, there are the obvious security benefits.