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Vue.js Live: Code a Front-End App


Text Generation With Go Templates


Text is all around us as software developers. Code is text, HTML is text, XNL/JSON/YAML/TOML is text, Markdown is text, CSV is text. All these text formats are designed to cater to both humans and machines. Humans should be able to read and edit textual formats with plain text editors. 


Challenge: Create a To-Do List in React

Are you ready to test your knowledge of React? In this video from my course on Modern Web Apps With React and Redux, you'll be challenged to build a basic to-do list app in React. Specifically, you’ll need to pass data to a child component where it will be updated and sent back to the parent component.


Create a Weight Tracker App With Cloud Firestore

Storing your app's data in the cloud is very important these days because users tend to own multiple devices and want their apps to be in sync across all of them. With Cloud Firestore, a real-time NoSQL database available on the Firebase platform, doing so is easier and more secure than ever before.


Deploy PHP Web Applications Using Laravel Forge

Developers love to automate things—for every process between development and production, they are keen to have a script that makes their workflow easier. This is also the case with deployment.

The process of pushing the final build and deploying the app should be as easy as pressing a Deploy now button, but that is not what happens most of the time. We end up investing our time and resources in configuring the server, setting up the environment, moving files that we thought were not relevant for production builds, and so on. 


Getting Started With the Mojs Animation Library: The Burst Module

We started this series by learning how to animate HTML elements using mojs.


Detaching Expo Apps to ExpoKit: Concepts

In this post, you'll learn what ExpoKit is and how it is used for adding native functionality to Expo apps. You'll also learn some of its pros and cons. 


JWT Authentication in Django

This tutorial will give an introduction to JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and how to implement JWT authentication in Django.

What Is JWT?

JWT is an encoded JSON string that is passed in headers to authenticate requests. It is usually obtained by hashing JSON data with a secret key. This means that the server doesn't need to query the database every time to retrieve the user associated with a given token.


Conversation Design User Experiences for SiriKit and iOS

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating


A lot of articles, our site included, have focused on helping readers create amazing iOS apps by designing a great mobile user experience (UX). 


Expanded Course: Learn PHP for WordPress

If you're ready to take your WordPress skills to the next level and get your feet wet with PHP, you'll love our newly expanded course, Learn PHP for WordPress.

What You’ll Learn

In this course, Envato Tuts+ instructor Rachel McCollin will give you an overview of what PHP is and how it's used for WordPress themes and plugins, with examples.