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Apps and Tools to Support LGBTQ Youth This Spirit Day

Bullying and harassment are serious concerns in the LGBTQ community, especially among youth. According to the GLSEN National School Climate Survey, over 85% of LGBTQ students have experienced verbal harassment at school.


Practical Test-Driven Development

What Is Test-Driven Development?

Test-driven development (TDD) simply means that you write your tests first. You set the expectations for correct code up front, before you have even written a single line of business logic. Not only does TDD help make sure that your code is correct, but it also helps you write smaller functions, refactor your code without breaking functionality, and understand your problem better. 


Training an Image Classification Model With Create ML

Machine learning is great, but it can be hard to implement in mobile applications. This is especially true for people without a data science degree. With Core ML, however, Apple makes it easy to add machine learning to your existing iOS app using the all-new Create ML platform for training lightweight, custom neural networks.


11 Practical Web Animation Courses

Meaningful, well-designed animation can really enhance the user experience in your websites and apps. It can tell a story, aid in navigation, and so much more.

If you want to know how to use animation in your web design and development projects, look no further. We've put together a comprehensive list of 11 courses that will teach you how to create beautiful animations with CSS, JavaScript, and dedicated frameworks like GreenSock and Sequence.js.


PHP Control Structures and Loops: if, else, for, foreach, while, and More

Today, we're going to discuss control structures and loops in PHP. I'll show you how to use all the main control structures that are supported in PHP, like if, else, for, foreach, while, and more.

What Is a Control Structure?

In simple terms, a control structure allows you to control the flow of code execution in your application. Generally, a program is executed sequentially, line by line, and a control structure allows you to alter that flow, usually depending on certain conditions.


Hands-on With ARIA: Accessibility Recipes for Web Apps

In the confusing world of web applications, ARIA can help improve accessibility and ease of use for your creations. HTML isn't able to handle many types of relationship between elements on the page, but ARIA is ideal for almost any kind of setup you can come up with. Let’s take a look at what ARIA is, how it can apply to your web app, and some quick recipes you can use for your own sites.


Trigonometry, Random Numbers and More With Built-in PHP Math Functions

Basic maths is used a lot during programming. We need to frequently compare, add, multiply, subtract and divide different values when writing code. 

Sometimes, the maths required in a program can be more involved. You might need to work with logarithmic, trigonometric or exponential functions. In this tutorial, I'll discuss how to use each of these functions in PHP, with examples.


How to Build Medium's Real-Time Applause Feature With Angular and Pusher

In this article, you'll learn how to code real-time Angular apps with Pusher. We'll make an app that gives real-time feedback when a post is clicked—just like Medium's applause feature!

What Is Pusher?

Pusher is a service that provides developers with APIs which enable them to integrate real-time functionalities in web, mobile, and back-end applications. To learn more about Pusher, check out this tutorial video for an introduction.


World Mental Health Day—Apps for a Changing World

Content note: The article contains mention of suicide, in the context of suicide prevention.

October 10 is World Mental Health Day. This year, the theme is Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World. According to the World Health Organization, between 10 and 20 percent of young people experience mental health issues, and half of all mental illnesses begin by the age of 14, with most cases going untreated.


Introduction to Firebase

We are in an era of rapid prototyping. We may get bright ideas, but sometimes they don't get implemented if they take too much work. Often, the back-end is the limiting factor—many ideas never get implemented due to lack of knowledge or time for server-side coding.

As a mobile developer, using a back-end as a service (BaaS) platform can help you swiftly implement your ideas.